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300,000 daily users milestone reached

After another 5 months EPUBReader has now 100,000 additional daily users!

In sum EPUBReader is now used by more than 300,000 daily users in 23 languages. Let’s see what happens in the next 5 months!

More than 200,000 daily users

I’m very happy, that EPUBReader reached today the 200,000 daily users milestone :) !

Right now 700 new users per day decide to use EPUBReader.
I’m curious how the future numbers will look like!

430 new users every day

In the last two months EPUBReaders daily user base has grown to 126,000 users which means an increase of 26,000 users.

On a per day basis this means 430 new daily users per day. For me this sounds pretty good ;) .

Position three at Top Downloads

EPUBReader is now at position three of the Top Downloads in the “Other” category at addons.mozilla.org.

Okay, it’s the “Other” category, but being right behind Flashblock and Greasemonkey is not that bad :) .

100,000 daily users in 23 languages

Was the last blog post really last June? Shame on me!

In the meantime EPUBReaders user base has grown significantly: more than 100,000 users in 23 languages use EPUBReader daily! Compared to the numbers from last June, this means a plus of 80,000 users. Right now 10,000 additional users per month decide to use EPUBReader.

Let’s see, how the future numbers will look like :) .

21,000 daily users in 21 languages

When I checked the statistics today, I stumbled upon this litte numbers game: EPUBReader is now used by 21,000 daily users in 21 different languages. And I thought this could be worth a new posting ;) .

The graphics shows on the one hand the number of daily downloads (blue line) and on the other hand the number of active daily users (red line). For me is the red line the more interesting one, because it shows how the user base grows and it rapidly does: Only in the last 4 weeks 4,124 additional users have decided to use EPUBReader.

Interesting are the dips at weekends :) .

Danish is the next language

Okay, here is the answer to my question which language will be the next: language #19 is Danish. Thanks Brian :) !

Esperanto and Hungarian translation

Esperanto and Hungarian translation are on the way, thanks Paul and Peter! It is the translation into language #17 and #18.

I never thought that EPUBReader would be translated into that many languages. Thanks to everybody for helping with the translation!

I’m curious which language is coming next ;) .

These are the languages which are already available or will be available soon: English, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese (European), Spanish,Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Tamil, Finnish, Swedish, Esperanto, Hungarian.

Is your language not listed? It would be great, if you help with the translation, it just takes about 45 minutes. Please contact me here.

Seamonkey-support and new languages

The new version of EPUBReader not only adds support for Firefox Mobile, but additionally for Seamonkey. And last but not least, six additional languages have been added: Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

Italian video about EPUBReader

I found this video made by an italian EPUBReader user. Even if you don’t speak Italian, I think it’s worth watching it :) !