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Danish is the next language

Okay, here is the answer to my question which language will be the next: language #19 is Danish. Thanks Brian :) !

Esperanto and Hungarian translation

Esperanto and Hungarian translation are on the way, thanks Paul and Peter! It is the translation into language #17 and #18.

I never thought that EPUBReader would be translated into that many languages. Thanks to everybody for helping with the translation!

I’m curious which language is coming next ;) .

These are the languages which are already available or will be available soon: English, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese (European), Spanish,Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Tamil, Finnish, Swedish, Esperanto, Hungarian.

Is your language not listed? It would be great, if you help with the translation, it just takes about 45 minutes. Please contact me here.

Seamonkey-support and new languages

The new version of EPUBReader not only adds support for Firefox Mobile, but additionally for Seamonkey. And last but not least, six additional languages have been added: Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

Italian video about EPUBReader

I found this video made by an italian EPUBReader user. Even if you don’t speak Italian, I think it’s worth watching it :) !