EPUBReader runs in Brave.
How can I show/hide the toolbar?
Just click in the middle of the ebook.
How can I open ebooks?
There are several ways:
  • Click on a website on an ebook download link. The ebook is downloaded and opened automatically afterwards.
  • Double-click on an ebook in the file explorer.
  • Click on the EPUBReader button in the browser toolbar. Click afterwards on the folder button on the top.
  • If you have already opened an ebook, just click in the middle to show the toolbar and to open a new ebook.
How can I save an ebook which I opened from a website?
Click in the middle of the ebook to open the toolbar and click then on the disk button. In some cases saving doesn't work. Please check the next answer for a solution of this problem.
An error occurs when I try to save an ebook. How can this be solved?
In some cases an error occurs when you try to save an ebook which you opened from a website. This problem is caused by special characters in the book title or author name. You can work around this problem by disabling EPUBReader, downloading the eBook, reenabling EPUBReader and opening the eBook via the EPUBReader toolbar button. To solve the problem in general, it would be great, if you could send me book title and author name via Contact. Thanks!
How can I save a local ebook?
You can only save ebooks which you opened before directly from a website (please check the second question above). Local ebooks are opened from the location where they are already saved, so saving them additionally is not necessary. If you want to make a copy, please go directly to the file explorer.
How can I page in an ebook?
You can use the arrow left/right keys, click on the left or right side on the screen or swipe left and right on touch enabled devices.
How can I set a bookmark?
Please use the "D" key or click in the middle of the ebook and then on the bookmark-button. The next time the ebooks opens automatically at the position of the bookmark.
Is it possible to set the column width for the reading style "book"?
Yes, this can be done in the preferences. Click in the middle of an opened book, click then on the preferences button and change the column width in the section "Reading style book".
Can I read ePub-files protected by DRM?
Unfortunately not. In this case you have to use an ePub-reader which supports DRM, e.g. Adobe Digital Editions.
Can I read offline?
Yes, for reading no internet connection is necessary.
Are there keyboard shortcuts?
←→Pagewise scrolling
+/-Increase/decrease font-size
TShow Table of contents
DSet bookmark
Why are there no page numbers?
Page numbers differ according to screen resolution, font size, etc. Instead there is a progress bar at the bottom of the reading window.
Is it possible to listen to my ebooks?
Yes, that's possible. Please install the extension "Read Aloud". For Firefox, for Chrome.
Can I read an eBook in fullscreen mode?
Yes, that's possible. Please follow the following procedure, otherwise an empty space at the bottom of the reading window is displayed:
  • Open an EPUBReader tab by pressing the EPUBReader toolbar button
  • Press F11
  • Press F5
  • Open the eBook in the opened EPUBReader tab
EPUBReader runs in Brave.

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